Field, Kaplan, and Clermont's Materials for a Basic Course in Civil Procedure, 13th

Foundation Press
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Civil Procedure
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University Casebook Series
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This classic civil procedure casebook begins with a detailed overview, thus providing students with a solid and complete grounding in the subject, before proceeding to in-depth coverage of the major problem areas. It is highly versatile and can serve the most profound of civil procedure courses as well as a modern compact course allotted as few as three semester hours. Thanks to its flexible structure, it also fosters diverse teaching methods. The thirteenth edition retains prior editions’ range and depth of coverage, while reflecting a thorough rewriting for improved flow and clarity. It newly features most prominently a reordering of the Part on jurisdiction and a reworking of the rapidly changing subject of general and specific personal jurisdiction. Finally, it brings a proven “Stories” approach to the presentation of the major cases’ backgrounds.