Estreicher, Harper, and Tippett's Cases and Materials on Employment Law, the Field as Practiced, 5th

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Employment Law
American Casebook Series
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Coauthored by two reporters from the recently released Restatement on Employment Law and Professor Tippett from the University of Oregon, this casebook covers topics of critical interest to future practitioners. It introduces the concept of employment-at-will, and contractual and tort-based exceptions. It provides an overview of employment discrimination law. This casebook also includes a major chapter on wage and hour law, as well as chapters on workplace injuries and employee benefits. A chapter on privacy reflects recent legislative initiatives at the state level and an analysis of electronic intrusions by the employer.

Interspersed throughout are excerpts from the Restatement of Employment Law and “Practitioner Perspectives,” in which leading practitioners describe their day-to-day work and area of specialization. Cases are accompanied by notes that test a student’s basic understanding of the material (labeled “Test Your Understanding of the Material”), as well as informative notes providing context.