Cunningham and Cherry's Contracts: A Real World Casebook

West Academic Publishing
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American Casebook Series
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This new book captivates students and holds their attention through the careful selection of principal cases. It keeps the best of the classic/vintage opinions familiar to professors and adds contemporary disputes that students readily grasp, involving such figures as 50 Cent, Lady Gaga, and Dan Rather. The opinions are sculpted to ensure robust discussion—from formation involving the heavy metal band Megadeth to mistake arising out of Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.

Cases are animated and students challenged with engaging and fun problems and examples based on actual cases better narrated than excerpted. Ethical issues and transaction planning and drafting are among the topics raised. Notes and questions follow cases to prepare students for class discussion, and all relevant Restatement and UCC materials are presented for convenient reference.

Student Testimonials

“As a first-year law student, I quickly learned that a good textbook can make all the difference for a class. Contracts: A Real World Casebook breaks down complex legal concepts in a way that is both engaging and easy to understand, I especially love the hypothetical examples at the end of each chapter because they were often based on pop culture!”
—Sinead McGonagle, 1L Student

“The book provided a logical method for learning contract law. The book offers clear, up to date, cases along with numerous examples and sample problems. I especially liked the fire extinguisher problem that helped me figure out how to work through the details of the very confusing battle of the forms.”
—Brad Pryor, 1L Student

“The examples and notes in the book helped me learn contracts because I knew they were based on real world problems. The case about two sisters who won the lottery and the letter they wrote to each other especially stuck out in my mind as emotionally touching, and reminded me that the law we are learning applies to real life situations.”
—Lamees Horani, 1L Student