Branham's The Law and Policy of Sentencing, 10th

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Corrections And Sentencing
American Casebook Series
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This softcover 10th Edition covers the law and policy of sentencing. Earlier editions of these books were combined in one hardcover book. They are now published in separate softcover volumes for the two discrete courses in which these subjects are now typically taught – Sentencing Law and Policy (Criminal Procedure III) and Correctional Law.

This leading casebook on sentencing law and policy includes cases, statutes, court rules, sentencing guidelines, professional standards, articles, information on other countries’ practices, and questions to provoke lively debates. The book spans such topics as plea bargaining, rights during sentencing, sentencing factors, community sentencing options, the death penalty, noncapital cases and the Eighth Amendment, parole release and revocation, and the enmeshed penalties (collateral consequences) that attend a conviction. New or expanded coverage of restorative justice and practices, racial and ethnic disparity in correctional supervision, criminal-justice-related fees, and other subjects accentuates this book’s value on a core area of the law.