Anthon's The Bluebook Uncovered: A Practical Guide to Mastering Legal Citation (Twentieth Edition of the Bluebook)

West Academic Publishing
Primary Subject
Legal Writing
Softbound - New, softbound print book.


This new book provides a fresh, innovative approach that enables students to master the Bluebook citation rules needed in legal research and writing courses and in legal practice. It combines detailed, yet easy-to-understand, explanations and examples of Bluebook rules with different types of exercises, which are also available online. The exercises begin with multiple choice questions that assist students’ mastery of discrete rules, followed by short answer questions that allow students to practice implementing the rules by drafting individual citations. Finally, a comprehensive exercise puts citations in the context of a legal document and requires students to make the necessary corrections. The available answers for all exercises include detailed explanations that further students’ understanding of the applicable rules.

Chapters and corresponding exercises in this book cover the following topics:
  • Introduction to legal citations
  • Cases
  • Statutes
  • Other primary authority (constitutions, rules, and administrative regulations)
  • Court & litigation documents
  • Secondary authority (books and periodicals)
  • Prior & subsequent case history
  • Parallel citations
  • Parentheticals
  • Nonprint sources
  • Quotations
  • String citations
  • Introductory signals
  • Pinpoint information
  • Capitalization