Funk, Shapiro, and Weaver's Administrative Procedure and Practice: A Contemporary Approach, 7th (Interactive Casebook Series)

West Academic Publishing
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Administrative Law
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Interactive Casebook Series
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The 7th Edition of this popular casebook continues its focus on real problems and real administrative practice. Problems serve as the primary pedagogical tool, including problems that do not involve courts. The book raises ethical issues distinctive to government lawyers, requires students to parse statutory and regulatory text in solving problems, and orients the course around administrative law practice rather than theory. While theory is not ignored, the book focuses on reality-based problems that put theory in context. It includes the most recent important Supreme Court and Courts of Appeals cases, including West Virginia v. EPA, Kisor v. Wilkie, Seila Law v. CFPB, United States v. Arthrex, and Jarkesy v. SEC.

The 7th Edition continues to be an Interactive Casebook, featuring a novel visual display and layout using text boxes, color/border segregated feature sections for hypotheticals, reference to scholarly debates, useful information for students, and provocative questions. A major distinguishing feature of the book is its inclusion of an accompanying electronic version with the extensive hyperlinking to Westlaw versions of legal materials, Black's Law Dictionary definitions, supplementary online resources and more.