Abrams, Beale, and Klein's Federal Criminal Law and Its Enforcement, 6th, 2017 Supplement

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Criminal Law
American Casebook Series
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The authors have added excerpts of recent Supreme Court cases, including, in the area of corruption—McDonnell, Ocasio, and Taylor; firearms offenses—Voisine, Dean, Mathis, Johnson, Welch, Beckles, and Caetano; RICO—RJR Nabisco, Inc.; plea bargaining—Turner and Lee; and forfeiture laws—Luis and Honeycutt. Moreover, the authors expanded the chapter on Drug Offense Enforcement by including the Controlled Substance Analogue Enforcement Act, and offering Attorney General Sessions' May 10, 2017 modification of the Department of Justice's Charging and Sentencing Policy, which reverses former AG Holder's attempt to decrease penalties for drug offenses. The Corporate Criminal Liability chapter now includes a discussion of the 2015 Yates Memorandum requirement that individual directors and managers should generally be charged along with their corporations, as well as an analysis of whether this policy has actually been implemented. They have added a brief description of the grounds for deportation in our civil immigration system, often based upon conviction of a criminal offense.