Long's A Short & Happy Guide to Advanced Legal Research

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Legal Research
Short & Happy Guides
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Legal research can be costly for students and practitioners in two ways: time and money. A SHORT & HAPPY GUIDE TO ADVANCED LEGAL RESEARCH identifies available free and fee-based legal research options as good, cheap and/or fast. This book can streamline the process of legal research involving any subject matter and during any stage of civil litigation. An overview of the litigation analytics and artificial intelligence features available from Bloomberg Law, Lexis Advance, and Westlaw Edge is also included, in the likely event you graduated from law school before 2019.

Ann Walsh Long is the Head of Research & Digital Collections/Assistant Professor of Law at the Lincoln Memorial University School of Law. Ann has also worked at the Environmental Protection Agency’s Headquarters Library and in four “Big Law” firms. As a former law firm librarian, Ann taught hundreds of summer and new associates how to conduct cost-effective legal research, and advised firms on how best to recover those costs from clients.