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Featured Products

  Farnsworth, Sanger, Cohen, Brooks and Garvin's Cases and Materials on Contracts, 8th
By The late E. Allan Farnsworth, Carol Sanger, Neil B. Cohen, Richard R. W. Brooks, and Larry T. Garvin

This classic casebook traces the development of contract law in the English and American common law traditions. Like earlier editions, the 8th Edition features authoritative introductions to major topics, carefully selected cases, and well-tailored notes and problems. The casebook is ecumenical in its outlook, presenting a well-balanced approach to the study of contract law without ever losing sight of the importance of doctrine in all its detail. Cases are situated within a variety of disciplines—history, economics, philosophy, and ethics—and present the law in a variety of settings—commercial, familial, employment, and sports and entertainment. The 8th Edition will feel familiar yet fresh to current users and both exciting and comfortable to newcomers to contracts or to this casebook. Learn More.
  Fisher's Evidence, 3d
By George Fisher

Prompted by mounting changes and mounting confusion in constitutional evidence law and by the new restyling of the Federal Rules of Evidence, this Edition presents the familiar student-friendly textbook, now with these improvements:
  • Presents and digests the latest Confrontation Clause caselaw, including Williams v. Illinois, 132 S. Ct. 2221 (2012);
  • Fully incorporates the restyled Federal Rules of Evidence;
  • Surveys the latest scholarship and caselaw to assess the current validity of a range of forensic sciences;
  • Presents new cases and problems throughout, while carefully retaining tried-and-true teaching tools, however old, that have shown no sign of wear.
As with past editions, this new text addresses the intricacies of evidentiary law in a way students will find both engaging and intellectually compelling. The casebook and accompanying rulebook are wholly integrated, with paginated cross-references that encourage students to consult legislative history. The accompanying teacher’s manual serves as a multi-resource companion for firsttime evidence instructors

Learn More.
Manning and Stephenson's Legislation and Regulation, 2d
By John F. Manning and Matthew C. Stephenson

This updated casebook is designed for a first-year class on Legislation & Regulation, and provides a proven, ready-to-use set of materials for those interested in introducing such a class to their 1L curriculum. The book focuses on the tools and methods of interpreting legal texts, using Supreme Court and other appellate decisions as the primary texts, yet the note material gently introduces students to applicable insights from political science, history, economics, and philosophy. The book aims to familiarize students with tools and techniques that lawyers and judges use when crafting legal arguments in statutory or regulatory contexts, and to give students a sense of the larger questions of institutional design implicated by these interpretive questions.

Learn More.
Orbach's Regulation: Why and How the State Regulates
Barak Orbach

This casebook introduces the theory and practice of regulation. Using rich, ready-to-use materials, the book integrates classic and contemporary concepts in regulation, illustrating their significance to legal practice, society, and the economy.

A pioneering casebook, authored by a leading scholar of regulation, offers an overview of concepts and analytical tools used in most areas of law, laying the necessary foundation for regulatory and statutory analysis.

Tested in the classroom, the book offers a framework for a first-year or upper-level course. The book is designed to familiarize students with a wide range of regulatory and statutory materials and analytical techniques. Students have the opportunity to appreciate jurisprudential developments in regulation through classic cases such as Munn, The Slaughter-House Cases, Lochner, New State Ice, and the 2012 National Federation of Independent Business, as well as the study the Great Recession and financial bubbles.

Learn More.
Wright's The Law of Succession: Wills, Trusts, and Estates
By Danaya C. Wright

This is a completely new trusts and estates casebook and takes a new approach in its material and structure. The author includes a toolbox section, which introduces students early on to the basics of wills, trusts, powers, joint tenancies, PODs and TODs, life insurance, and miscellaneous other forms. Further, the author organizes material around planning properly, rather than around litigation. The author also covers barriers to succession, such as RAP, slayer statutes, revocation, and then litigation (mental capacity, no-contest clauses, and the like). Rather than including long and lightly edited cases, the author utilizes several short paragraph case squibs that illustrate different factual scenarios for each legal issue followed by the court’s decision and reasoning. The book also includes many statutes with lengthy analyses of the different types of statutes using the UPC as the primary model. The book also contains useful practice points, tax tips, and technology traps. Also, there are numerous problems throughout the materials, with the answers in the back of the book.

Learn More.

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