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McClurg's 1L of a Ride: A Well-Traveled Professor's Roadmap to Success in the First Year of Law School, 2d, Includes Video Course
Author: Andrew J. McClurg
Primary Subject: Academic Success
Publication Date: 03/22/2016
Status: In Stock

Learn more in our author video.

Now with an accompanying video course! 1L of a Ride provides a candid step-by-step roadmap to academic and emotional success in law school’s crucial first year. Narrated in an accessible first-person voice, Professor McClurg weaves together anecdotes, student comments, empirical research, and samples of authentic law school documents (e.g., exam questions, student outlines, class notes) to present a comprehensive picture of the 1L experience.

This version comes with an access code to a first-of-its-kind online video course designed to reinforce the reading. These thirteen videos address subjects covered in the book, often from fresh angles, and some new topics. Along with McClurg, the videos feature award-winning law professors Christine Coughlin (Wake Forest University), Meredith Duncan (University of Houston), and Nancy Levit (University of Missouri-Kansas City). Each video is roughly ten minutes, followed by a short self-assessment quiz. They include:

1. Introduction to the Video Course
2. Planning Ahead and Biggest Fears
3. Structure and Role of U.S. Courts
4. Socratic and Case Methods
5. Overview of First-Year Curriculum
6. First-Year Sample Course: Torts
7. How to Read and Brief a Case
8. The C.R.E.D.O.—Top Five Habits of Successful Law Students
9. Essential Study Techniques
10. Legal Research Basics
11. Legal Writing Basics
12. Managing Stress and Maintaining Well-Being
13. Professionalism

Research shows students gain not only from reading, but seeing and hearing, in part because video helps accommodate diverse learning styles. Use the videos to enhance comprehension and retention. Studies also show students prefer and benefit from one-on-one facetime with professors, which the videos, while no match for the real thing, can help simulate.
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Format: Print & Electronic - Softbound
Publisher: West Academic Publishing
Series: Career Guides
Copyright: 2016
Copyright Dates:
Pages: 512

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