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Lee's The Legal Career: Knowing the Business, Thriving in Practice
Author: Katrina Lee
ISBN-13: 9781634599139
Primary Subject: Office Practice
Publication Date: 08/04/2017
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This coursebook addresses key topics in the evolving legal profession and the business of law. The book features chapters on the traditional law firm; the corporate client; the emergence of alternative legal services providers; legal technology; access to justice; employment and diversity in the legal profession; and legal education reform. Students will learn from detailed, insightful interviews of a broad range of legal industry professionals, including the general counsel of an international company; chief litigation officer of a Fortune100 company; director of knowledge management at a Biglaw firm; a legal innovator who founded a pioneering legal process outsourcing company; a legal industry consultant; and a legal tech startup CEO and co-founder. Interactive exercises and questions for reflection and discussion are included throughout the book.
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Format: Print - Softbound
Publisher: West Academic Publishing
ISBN: 9781634599139
Series: Coursebook
Copyright: 2017
Copyright Dates:
Pages: 288

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