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Eisen, Hammond, Rossi, Spence, Weaver, and Wiseman's Energy, Economics and the Environment, 4th
Author: Joel B. Eisen; Emily Hammond; Jim Rossi; David B. Spence; Jacqueline Lang Weaver; Hannah Wiseman
ISBN-13: 9781609303075
Primary Subject: Energy Law
Publication Date: 06/05/2015
Status: In Stock


The Fourth Edition of Energy, Economics and the Environment focuses on the unifying characteristics of energy law, while also emphasizing its connections to environmental and economic issues affecting energy industries. The casebook covers the full range of energy resources, as well as an in-depth examination of issues related to electric power.

Like previous editions, this casebook is intended to be used in an Energy Law survey course, but the materials in the book are rich enough that they can also be adapted to a course or seminar covering renewable energy, oil & gas, electricity regulation, or advanced topics in environmental law. Previous editions of the casebook have been used in law school classrooms for nearly two decades. The new edition of the casebook provides a pedagogical window that can readily be adapted to a variety of courses and teaching styles as issues in energy continue to change. Materials in the casebook include extended problems, case studies, and other practice-oriented materials to allow students to learn important concepts in a practical context.

We emphasize four recurring and cross-cutting themes throughout the casebook: (1) public versus private ownership of energy resources; (2) monopoly vs. competition; (3) externalities and risk concepts; and (4) public governance, including federalism issues. These four themes have defined energy law since the early twentieth century—and they are at play in every energy resource arena today. The Table of Contents is as follows:

Chapter 1: Introduction: Themes in Energy Law
Chapter 2: Public Utility Principles and an Overview of the Electric Power Industry
Chapter 3: Coal Production
Chapter 4: Oil and Gas Production
Chapter 5: Controlling the Externalities of Fossil-Fueled Generation
Chapter 6: Hydroelectric Power
Chapter 7: Nuclear Energy
Chapter 8: Rate Regulation Principles
Chapter 9: Oil and Gas Pipelines: Opening Markets
Chapter 10: Electric Power Markets
Chapter 11: Renewable Power
Chapter 12: Renewable Power Case Studies
Chapter 13: Conservation, Efficiency, and the “Smart Grid”
Chapter 14: International Energy Markets
Chapter 15: Transportation

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Format: Print - Hardbound
Publisher: Foundation Press
ISBN: 9781609303075
Series: University Casebook Series
Copyright: 2015
Copyright Dates:
2001, 2005, 2010
Pages: 1127

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