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Southworth and Fisk's The Legal Profession: Ethics in Contemporary Practice
Author: Ann Southworth; Catherine L. Fisk
ISBN-13: 9781628101720
Primary Subject: Professional Resp/Ethics
Publication Date: 09/30/2014
Status: In Stock


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With clear and concise explanations of all basic concepts in the law of lawyering and all topics tested on the MPRE, this accessible book allows professors to satisfy the ABA professional responsibility requirement with a course that students find highly engaging and useful. Unlike most professional responsibility textbooks on the market, however, it links ethics issues to portraits of the practice contexts in which they typically arise for real lawyers, helping students appreciate their relevance in contemporary practice. It also introduces students to the rich empirical literature on the profession, teaching them about the profession’s overall composition and organization as well as huge variation in the practice settings, types of work, and daily experiences of American lawyers and their clients. It describes powerful economic and cultural forces that are reshaping the legal profession, and it explores current controversies relating to access to justice, globalization, technology, diversity, and legal education. It invites students to reflect on their place in the profession and how they will navigate the turbulent landscape to chart successful, rewarding and responsible careers in almost any type of practice today’s law graduates might enter. Every chapter also contains problems that can be used in class discussion or as written exercises.

This is the only PR book on the market that provides sufficient explanation of basic legal concepts and the operation of the legal system to make it suitable for first-year students, but it also works very well for second and third year courses. The book has an extensive teacher’s manual with sample syllabi, detailed advice about how to teach the materials, instructions for role-play exercises, sample exam questions, and slides. The authors will supply an update on new developments by mid-July.
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Format: Print - Hardbound
Publisher: West Academic Publishing
ISBN: 9781628101720
Series: American Casebook Series
Copyright: 2014
Copyright Dates:
Pages: 1138

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