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Cernak's Antitrust Simulations: Bridge to Practice
Author: Steven J. Cernak
ISBN-13: 9780314288042
Primary Subject: Antitrust Law
Publication Date: 11/07/2013
Status: In Stock

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In practice, abstract antitrust concepts must be applied to specific factual settings. In practice, those facts don't arrive pre-packaged as they do in opinions and casebooks. This book provides true-to-life documents and other sources from facts from real world antitrust matters in all the important substantive areas. Short summaries of the law provide a base for students and enough material for traditional Socratic method teaching. The Teacher's Manual provides background on the matters and suggestions for class use in both counseling and advocacy settings, including client meetings, compliance presentations and meetings with opposing counsel. The result is a book that can be used to teach students the law and how it is practiced in the real world.

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Format: Print - Softbound
Publisher: West Academic Publishing
ISBN: 9780314288042
Series: Bridge to Practice
Copyright: 2014
Copyright Dates:
Pages: 124

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