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Rotunda's American Constitutional Law: The Supreme Court in American History Volume 2 - Liberties
Author: Ronald D. Rotunda
ISBN-13: 9781634607797
Primary Subject: Constitutional Law
Publication Date: 08/23/2016
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This is an accessible constitutional law book suitable for undergraduate courses. Chapters begin with explanatory info, and feature shorter cases, interactive questions throughout chapters and the historical context of founding legal principles and theories of constitutional interpretation. Both the Bill of Rights and other Constitutional Amendments are presented with through explanations and reference to historical legal issues, with a focus on the rights contained within the constitution. Volume II includes: Development of Judicial Review; the Second Amendment; the Criminal Process; Equal Protection; Congressional Enforcement of Civil rights; Freedom of Speech; and Freedom of Religion.
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Format: Print - Softbound
Publisher: West Academic Publishing
ISBN: 9781634607797
Series: Coursebook
Copyright: 2016
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