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Foundation Press Product Lines
University Casebook Series
Foundation Press, one of America's most prestigious publishers of law books, offers the University Casebook Series. Foundation Press was the first publisher to recognize that a nationally acclaimed board of editors, comprised of outstanding legal scholars and educators, provides a solid and continuing basis for assuring the merits of its publications. The exceptional quality and scholarship of the University Casebook Series has resulted from Foundation Press's tradition of excellence since the 1930's.

Concepts and Insights Series
This new professor-recommended series of paperback texts is written to complement casebook instruction and offer students concise, conceptual overviews of important areas of law. Written by leading casebook authors, these texts truly go beyond black letter law into the concept within a rule of law. The Concepts and Insights Series is often described as a teacher's manual for students.
  • Professor approved and recommended
  • Concise, insightful
  • Leading scholars
  • Beyond black letter law

Law Stories Series
In the new Law Stories titles from Foundation Press, the General Editors and their guest contributors bring famous cases to life by telling the true, never-heard-before stories behind landmark cases. This fascinating series of texts covers significant cases in major areas of law, including tax, torts, constitutional law, civil procedure and property.
  • Offer larger than life view of landmark cases
  • Identify the parties to the dispute, motives and approach
  • Outline the legal and historical context
  • Discuss the immediate impact of the case
  • Document the continuing importance of the case in shaping the law
  • Every case is found in all leading casebooks

Turning Point Series
Compact in size, these 150-300 page texts cover complicated areas within a course of law. Turning Point texts present the history, richness and texture of a particular subject, enabling the student to see beyond black letter law. They are excellent supplement s to classroom discussion and help students better understand crucial legal topics.

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